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Casing Selection Process
-All casings collected are covered under the shelter.
Initial Inspection
-Each casing is thoroughly inspected by a well-trained technician.
Buffing Process
-Well-trained technician buffs and removes the worn tread from the casing to a specific radius and diameter.
Skiving Process
-A skilled technician removes embedded objects to ensure a clean and solid surface.
Repairing Process
-To ensure all small holes and punctures are repaired to the International repair standards.
Cementing Process
-A thin layer of concreted rubber solution is sprayed onto the buffed surface.
Filling Process
-Skived buzzouts are filled with gum cord.
Building Process
-A new pre-cured tread is built on the tyre casing after a thin layer of cushion gum has been applied to the cemented surface.
Enveloping Process
-A special envelope is used to enclose the tyre and during the process allowing the cushion gum and pre-cured tread to successfully adhere together when vulcanization takes place.
Curing Process
-All tyres are cured in the state-of-the-art curing chamber to obtain permanent bonding of the pre-cured tread to the casing.
Final Inspection Process
-The tyre is now inspected before dispatch. of cushion gum has been applied to the cemented surface.